Bet on Cricket Online: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need for Cricket Betting

When it comes to popularity, it is fair to say that cricket is one of the most popular sports as it is a game that is enjoyed by millions all over the world, just like playing at online casinos is. Cricket fans across the world can thank the British for this sport as they were the ones who created it and spread the love for it during the British imperial period. Not only do cricket fans enjoy playing and watching this sport, but they also love to bet on it, and this is what this guide shall focus on. Here we are going to tell you all that should know about cricket online betting. These are some online cricket betting tips that you definitely do not want to miss out on.

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The Variety of Markets for Cricket Online Betting

As we just mentioned above, there are millions who like to bet on cricket online, but what is it that makes cricket online betting so enticing? Well, the main thing that makes cricket betting such a popular pastime is the fact that there are so many markets that people can make use of when doing some cricket online betting. In fact, there is such a variety of cricket markets that you can use when you decide to bet on cricket online, that there is a very high chance that you will find it difficult to choose one when you are cricket betting.

We all love it when there is variety in our lives as this is what keeps things thoroughly entertaining, and with regards to cricket betting, variety is something that exists in abundance. Below we shall take a closer look at 7 of the most popular markets that people like to put their money on when they bet on cricket online.

Match Bet

This cricket bet is not exclusive to just cricket as it is a market that you will find when betting on any sport. This is one of the easiest markets out there as all you need to do is try to guess the team that will go on to be victorious. If you are betting on the Test cricket format, then you will have the option of betting on the draw. However, when it comes to the two other formats, T20 and ODI, you will usually not have a draw option given to you since this outcome is pretty rare. It would be pretty surprising to find a cricket bookie that gives their punters the chance to bet on a draw in an ODI or T20 game.

Series Winner

International cricketers have to travel long distances to play other international teams, so it makes absolutely no sense to fly a long way for just one game and then make the long journey home again. Therefore, to make the trip worth their while, cricket teams will play anywhere between two to five matches in the three different formats against a team, and this is called a series. If your cricket bookie is truly serious about their profession, then they will give their customers the chance to place this type of cricket bet.

Match Score

Another kind of cricket bet that people who bet on cricket online enjoy is something that is known as a match score bet. Here, what you are trying to predict is the number of runes a particular team will score in their innings. Here, the sportsbook will provide their customers with a number such as 359.5 and then you need to decide whether your selected team will score 359 runs or less (under) or 360 runs or more (over).

Top Batsman

With a cricket bet that involves the top batsman, you aim is to predict which batsman from one of the teams will score the most in a match. With regards to cricket online betting, this is a hard bet for punters to get correct since one tiny error could be the difference between a batsman getting out and a batsman going on to make a big score. However, there is a positive to this cricket bet and that is that the odds that your bookie offers will always reflect the difficulty of the market.

Top Bowler

Now that we explained to you what you have to do with a top batsman wager, we are certain that you will be able to guess exactly what is involved with a top bowler wager. With this type of market, you have to select one bowler from a team and that bowler then has to go on to get the most wickets in a game. Those who like to bet on cricket online regularly will agree when we say that this is also a tricky bet to guess right. However, just like the top batsman bet, the odds that are offered for this market will always be enticing.

Player of the Match

While the two markets that we just mentioned above are tricky to get right, there is one that is trickier than both, and that is the Player of the Match market. With this market, you have to choose one player from the 22 participating players in the game that you believe will put in the best performance and win the Player of the Match award. Since you need to select one player from 22, it is a hard market to get correct, but the odds will be some of the highest that you can find in the cricket gambling world.

Dismissal Method

When you are gambling on cricket, you will also have the option of betting on the method of dismissal for the next batsman. In cricket, there are a number of ways that a batsman can find himself walking back to the changing rooms, and these methods are bowled, caught, LBW, run-out, hit wicket, and stumped. The odds for each dismissal are not the same - it depends on their frequency. For instance, a batsman has more chance of being caught than getting out hit wicket, so the odds for bowled will be much lower than the odds for hit wicket.

The Best Sports Betting Sites for Online Cricket Betting

Cricket bettors all across the globe place bets that add up to billions of dollars per year. If you are sitting there thinking to yourself that Indians are the biggest contributors to this, then you would be totally correct. It has been estimated that Indian cricket bettors spend a total of $400 million whenever their national team is in action. They are also completely mad about the Indian Premier League and spend roughly $50-60 million per match when doing some IPL betting online.

Below we are going to be extremely helpful by providing you with a good list of the best cricket betting websites. However, before we give you this list, we thought it would be extra helpful of us to give you some online cricket betting tips that will help you out when you are searching for a bookmaker to open an account with so that you can enjoy some IPL betting online or some betting on whatever cricket you enjoy.

Do not ignore reputation: When you come across a sports betting site that you believe is great for you and you want to register with them, we suggest that you do yourself a favour and read some reviews before you commit yourself to them. By taking a look at some reviews, you will be able to get a really good idea as to whether a sports betting site is worthy of your precious time and hard-earned money. If you come across plenty of recent negative comments, then we recommend you completely forget about signing up with them and look elsewhere - you have plenty of betting sites to select from, so you do not need to settle for mediocrity.

It is important to check the odds: You will not find the same odds at all bookies - things would get pretty boring if this was the case. Therefore, before you decide on a sportsbook to join, you should look at some comparison sites. It is always in your best interest to sign up with a bookmaker that provides the best odds as this means that you will always receive good value when you bet on cricket.

Not all bonuses are equal: Bookies have to offer enticing bonuses to their customers if they want new players to constantly open accounts with them. There are many bettors out there who pay little attention to the bonus on offer because they feel that they are all basically the same, but this is not the case. In the sports betting world, you will find really good bonus offers, average ones, rubbish ones, and those which are pretty laughable. This is why it is important that you do some research before you open an account with a bookmaker as this is how you make sure that you start your sports gambling experience in the best possible way.

Look at the customer support: If a betting site has a poor customer care team that leaves you with a lot to be desired, then you need to stay clear of it and deposit your hard-earned cash at another bookie that shows that they care about their punters. If you sign up with a bookmaker that have poor customer support, then you are just leaving yourself open to plenty of annoying experiences in the future. You should only sign up with a bookie that has a live chat feature and a customer care team that you can contact 24/7 if anything goes wrong. To check whether a betting site has good customer care or not, send them a mock problem using one of their contact methods and see how they respond to you.

So, now that we have provided you with some useful tips that you can use when searching for a sports bookie to sign up with so that you can bet on cricket, we shall now give you that list of fantastic bookies that we promised:

  • Dafabet
  • Bodog
  • Royal Panda
  • 888sport
  • LeoVegas
  • Bet365
  • 10Cric
  • Betway
  • 22Bet
  • Spin Sports

We are definitely not forcing any of our readers to register with any of the bookies on this list, but if you happen to listen to us and register with one of them, you will experience a really good cricket gambling session whenever you log into your account. All of these betting sites stand head and shoulders above their rivals since they always make sure to provide their punters with really good cricket satta line for the variety of markets that they have on offer. They are also not shy when it comes to offering enticing welcome bonuses.

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The Steps to Follow to Bet on Cricket

A common phrase that Google analytics tells us is often put into their search bar is "how to bet on cricket". If you are new to betting on cricket, then you should pay really close attention to this section as we are about to explain the process that has to be followed to place a cricket wager. It is a simple procedure that can be applied to any type of sports betting.

  1. Enter your bookmaker account and check what funds are in there
  2. If you are low in funds and do not have enough to make the best that you plan to make, deposit some money using one of the many banking options that are available
  3. Go to the cricket markets section and have a good look at what is available
  4. When you find a market that you would like to wager on, click on it, and it should be added automatically to your betting slip
  5. You then have to decide how much you want to stake on this market that you have chosen and input it in your betting slip
  6. When you are happy with the choices you have selected, click on that submit button, and you will have placed your first cricket bet

Live Cricket Betting - A Must Have Feature

Back in the mid-90s, sports betting was made a lot simpler thanks to the fact that sportsbooks migrated online, meaning that sports bettors could place bets on their favourite sports without having to leave their house. However, live cricket betting was not available at the time - in fact, live betting for any sport was not possible. This meant that if you wanted to bet on a sporting event, you had to do so before the event started. However, we have come a long way since the 90s, and now live cricket betting can be done at most bookies.

We are sure that you like to do some cricket live betting every now and then, so before you dive straight in and sign up with a bookie, you need to take a look at the live cricket betting options that they have made available. The ten bookmakers that we listed earlier on for you have very good live arenas, so you will always have a pleasant live cricket gambling experience.

Always Keep These Best Cricket Betting Tips in Mind

We shall now have a look at some useful betting tips that you should remember when gambling in cricket. We suggest that you pay really close attention to following free cricket betting advice as it could be the difference between you having a successful cricket gambling experience or a bad one.

Keep Your Wager Consistent

In order to be successful when betting, you need to learn how to manage your finances properly. A huge mistake that many novices make is that they change the size of their wager when they are on a small winning streak. For example, a lot of beginners will decide to double their wager after they have won a couple of bets. However, trust us when we say that winning streaks will not last forever, so if you decide to double your wager and lose, you will end up losing a huge chunk of the profit that you worked hard for. When betting on cricket, give yourself a bankroll, and then use no more than 5% for every wager you make.

Avoid Getting Carried Away

If one team has been on a winning run, many beginners will place their cash on them to continue winning just because of the form they are in. However, this is not a useful strategy because bookmakers will often place much smaller odds on a team that has been winning because they are aware that punters will bet on them anyway. You need to keep in mind that a team's winning streak will not last forever, so placing your money on a team just because they have been winning is a weak strategy. You need to do some extra research so that you get a true understanding as to their real chances of winning their next game.

Put Bad Decisions to the Back of Your Mind

We also enjoy betting on cricket, so we know it can be annoying when you place a wager and it loses. However, when this occurs, you will not be doing yourself any favours if you sit there and mope about your losses. The money you wagered is lost, and no amount of moaning will get it back for you. Professional sports gamblers also make mistakes, so it is not unusual if you do too. If you end up making a costly mistake, just forget about it and occupy your mind with another hobby.

Cricket Betting Apps - Three of the Very Best

Nowadays, cricket punters like to make bets wherever they happen to be, and bookies are aware of this. Thus, any bookie that is really serious about their profession will develop a cricket online betting app that their punters can download for a better experience. Nowadays, there are plenty of cricket betting apps that you can download, but some are much better than others. Below we are going to have a look at 2 cricket betting apps that we think are some of the best available at the moment.

888sport App

888sport know that their punters like to make wagers from wherever they happen to be, which is the reason why they have put in plenty of effort and time to create an app that we believe is one of the best apps available for download at this present moment in time. How exactly can we claim that this app is so good? Well, we actually downloaded it ourselves and used it for a week to see what type of experience we had. In our opinion, there is nothing more frustrating than a betting app that is really hard to navigate, and we are happy to be able to tell you that navigating around this app is really easy. To add to this, the 888sport app is really easy on the eye. When you will be spending a lot of time on an app, the last thing you want is for it to be painful on your eyes.


LeoVegas happens to be one of the biggest bookmakers in the world, and one reason why they have become so successful is that they know that their punters want to place bets on the go, so they created an app that leaves many other cricket betting apps in the dirt. Once again, we can tell you that it is a great app because we downloaded it ourselves. We will not recommend any app to you that we have not tried ourselves. After testing this one for a week, we could not find any faults with it, and if you have an account with LeoVegas, we recommend you download it.

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